Quidam's first dog show pictures
Quidam has won 2 Best of Breeds and a Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sexe for a total of 9 points and
3 majors, all that in 3 days, and it is his first dog show.....
Quidam a gagné 2 Best of Breeds et Best Opposite Sexe et Winner Dogs en trois jours, et ce à son premier
dog show.   Il a remporté 9 points dont 3 majeurs....
Winning  Best of Breed and Best of
winners with Mrs Dorothy O. Hutchinson
Winning  Best of Breed and Best
of winners with Roger R. Hartinger
Trying to be the nicest.
Dans le ring avec ma maîtresse
Waiting to go in the ring.
Un moment de calm avant d'aller
dans le ring.
On the grooming table.
Sur ma table de grooming
Relaxing at my trailer with my mom and
sister and god mother
Relaxant à mon trailer avec ma mère,
ma soeur et ma tante.